6 Ways Aristocrat Awnings Can Save Energy

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6 Ways Aristocrat Awnings Can Save Energy

Awnings, Canopies, and Shade Products by Aristocrat are a great way to save energy, and cut your cooling costs. Green is the new black. Even in a small town like West Chester, or a wide region like the Delaware Valley, every single home matters. By doing simple things like turning off your lights, preserving water, or refraining from using heating and cooling systems in excess, you’re making a small contribution into a much larger effort. Saving the planet.
Fortunately, there’s a great motivation to be green. Save green. Awnings and other shade products can reduce your carbon footprint, limit your heating and cooling output, ultimately saving hard earned cash. Below, I’ve comprised 6 innovative was to save energy, and cut your cooling costs, by using shade products, available for all homes in Delaware and Chester County. To learn more about Aristocrat’s Awnings, Shades, and Canopies, click here.

Red Aristocrat Retractable Awning

1: Retractable Awnings –
Retractable awnings can bring shade to any deck, patio, porch, or outdoor living space.
When the heat outside becomes unbearable, with a press of a button, you’re accompanied by
cool shade.
Aristocrat Awnings block up to 94% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. This will keep you cool
and shaded on your patio or deck, but will also decrease sunlight entering your home.
This will not only lower your indoor cooling cost, but can also protect interior furniture
and window treatments from fading. Retractable Awnings offer so much benefit, while
creating a comfortable outdoor living space that would’ve never been.
For more info on Aristocrat’s Retractable Awnings,
click here.

Blue Canopy over a deck

2: Canopies –
Similarly to retractable awnings, canopies, pergola canopies, or under pergola canopies
can provide great shade, and a solution to unbearable heat. When partially mounted to
a wall of your house, these canopies can easily cover a couple windows and a door. Keeping
the vast majority of UV Rays outside of your home, where they belong. Also while adding
life onto your window treatments and furnishings, protecting them from sun fade.
In quiet, quaint towns like Media, or Aston, PA, under pergola canopies with beautiful
rafter structures, and a trendy well built fabric, can be incredibly aesthetically pleasing.
This is a permanent structure that your neighbors won’t mind looking at. It brings
the cape cod lifestyle of Chester County to life.
For more info on Aristocrat’s Canopies, click here.

Aristocrat Solar Shades

3: Solar Shades I –
We’re behind the curve, here in Delaware County. In Europe, solar shades are incredibly popular!
You’re losing the energy battle if you’re only protecting yourself from inside your home.
Solar shades are installed on the exterior of your windows, blocking the heat of the sun
before it enters your home. These shades pay for themselves year after year in reduced energy
bills and sun protections for your furniture. Custom designed, solar shades are a perfect
way to keep the suns harmful UV rays out of your house. A single unit, or a wall, or even
a whole house can be operated by the push of a single button. Allowing you to let the sun
in when desired.
For more info on Aristocrat’s Solar Shades – click here.

Aristocrat Solar Shades Series II

4: Solar Shades II –
In the second iteration of solar shades, aesthetics, functionality, and efficiency are improved
Aristocrat’s Solar Shades series II are also installed on the exterior of your home, but this time
instead of free floating, held down by a bar at the bottom of your window, this version
is installed on a riding track on the sides of your window. Allowing for a smoother transition
from retracted to extended. Also giving a cleaner, crisp look to your exterior shades.
Similarly, remote controlled and motor operated, solar shades II will literally pay for
themselves over just a few years. A whole house installation can and will do wonders for your
electricity bill, while also offering the most exclusive privacy inside your home.

Aristocrat Window Awning

5: Window Awnings –
The days of plastic or metal window awnings are long gone. While the final instances of these
treacherous looking awnings finally degrade, a new look is born. Aristocrat’s window awnings
are truly a fit for every home. You can completely design and customer your door or window
awning, choosing from a variety of models, sizes, and fabric awnings. Each awning is manufactured
to your desire, in Souderton, PA. Fabric window awnings are not only aesthetically pleasing,
but also incredibly energy efficient. It’s proven that on west facing windows, window awnings
can reduce the amount of heat entering your home by up to 77%. They block the suns direct
rays from glass windows. This will keep your home cool, and cut your energy costs.
If one of our customers from Springfield or Wallingford had these installed in August,
they could see a direct correlation in a lower cooling bill compared to the month before.
For more info on Aristocrat’s Window Awnings – click here

Aristocrat Retractable Screen

Retractable Screens –
Although Aristocrat’s retractable screens won’t directly keep the sun or heat out of your home,
they can create a comfortable outdoor living space for you. This allows you to utilize
the warm months we get here in Delaware County, spending your time outdoors, without
bugs or the beating sun. Retractable screens can turn an open porch or patio, or a garage
into a great 3 season room. These motorized screens can turn an outdoor area, into a
great comfortable outdoor living space. Turn an outdoor living space, into a full enclosed
screen room with the press of a button. With hundreds of colors and patterns available,
retractable screens can truly fit on any home. S&S Remodeling Contractors LLC even backs
Aristocrat’s industry best 12 year fabric warranty. There’s no one who can compete with that.
For more info on Aristocrat’s Retractable Screens – click here.

Yes, turn off all your lights when leaving your home. Don’t keep the sink running while
brushing your teeth. Turn a 60 minute shower, into a 10 minute one. Recycle all recyclables.
Why not invest in an Aristocrat Shade Products? Feel good about enjoying your deck, patio, or porch.
You don’t have to feel guilty about splurging on comfortably, when you subsequently reduce your homes carbon footprint and your cooling bills. Times are changing, and in 2017 every homeowner in the Philadelphia Area should consider S&S Remodeling and Aristocrat as a solution of protection from UV Rays and high cooling costs. Whether you live in a Brookhaven cottage, a Cape Cod in Media, a rancher in Aston, a farmhouse in West Chester, a duplex in Swarthmore, or an Estate in Chadds Ford, shade products are for every homeowner. A home is a place for comfort. It’s time to treat our homes, and the Earth the right way.


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